Welcome to the web-site of Ciara O’ Meara, Medical Herbalist.

Western Herbal medicine treatment is directed not just at the symptoms of illness, but also at the underlying cause.

A consultation involves a thorough case-history taking, and may involve taking blood pressure, listening to the lungs or other appropriate examinations.Further tests may be indicated at this point.

Medical reports and/or blood test will be interpreted. Medical Herbalists are trained to identify any potential interactions between orthodox (drugs) and herbal medicines and to know when a condition is best referred to a doctor or another therapist.

As a herbalist I regularly come accross very complex cases as many patients will have found that the conventional approach has provided no relief or recovery. By this I mean a 'gut person' for your tummy, a 'rheumatologist' for your aches and pains, and nobody looking at the whole picture - maybe what your putting into your gut is making your joints ache ! (yes its possible, very possible).

This is where the benefits of a medical herbalist come into thier own, you get a highly skilled practitioner who looks at all your bodily systems and figures out where the  problem is.

Treatment plans are a collaboration between the patient and the  therapist in achieveing a defined goal, this inevitably requires change, often these are dietary and/or lifestyle changes.

         "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks
                                        of changing himself"

                                                                                 ~Leo Tolstoy~


Herbal medicines have an excellent safety record in trained hands. When individually prescribed and combined by a trained medical herbalist they are more deeply effective than over-the-counter remedies.

I have appeared on 3 seasons of 'The Afternoon Show' on RTE1 television discussing herbal remedies and preparation of home-made medicines.

I have also contributed to radio shows on Today FM, 98 FM, Tipp FM on topics related to herbal medicine. I am available for talks and written contributions in the community please contact me via email or phone.




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