About Ciara O’Meara
Ciara's Education: Fellowship in Endobiogenic Medicine, Lithuanian Endobiogenic Society, Kaunas University , Faculty of Pharmacy (2017) BSc (Hons.) Herbal Medicine, Westminster University, London (2006) MSc (Hons.) Medical Genetics, Aberdeen University, Scotland (1998) BSc (Hons.) Molecular...
What can Herbal Medicine treat?
There are few health conditions in which herbal medicine cannot offer some help. Many from serious to mild can be treated by the proper use of herbal medicine. If you are unsure if herbal medicine...

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NOTE : (November 2023) The Clinic is currently full for new patients until January 2024



I have had the privilege of being a practising medical herbalist since 2006. The most consistent question I get asked is what is a medical herbalist?

When you attend a medical herbalist they complete a thorough consultation during which they will ask questions about your current and past state of health.

A record of your diet and lifestyle will be taken and physical examinations where appropriate will be carried out, for example;

  • taking blood pressure
  • looking in your ears
  • listening to your heart and lungs
  • check urine for infection

A medical herbalist can also carry out other clinical evaluations which a regular doctor would do to assess your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and nervous system.

Medical reports and/or blood test will be interpreted. Medical Herbalists are trained to identify any potential interactions between conventional drugs and herbal medicines and to know when a condition is best referred to a doctor or another therapist.
Treatment plans are a collaboration between the patient and the therapist in achieving your agreed health goal this can require change, often these are dietary and/or lifestyle changes. If dietary changes are required you will be fully supported .

Legal requirements, safety and confidentiality
Only a qualified Medical Herbalist is licensed to obtain and dispense the highest strength and purest quality herbal medicines and supplements from the most reliable sources. Some of the very strongest herbs that are beneficial for acute health conditions are only available by prescription from a Medical Herbalist.

Each herbal prescription legally requires an initial face-to-face consultation (this can also be remote, zoom etc..) with a trained herbalist.

All professionally prescribed herbal medicines will be significantly more effective than any non-practitioner versions. They will be safely chosen for your unique circumstances, in conjunction with any other medicines that you may be taking.

Your herbalist can also ensure that you are using the medicine correctly, monitor your progress, and adjust your prescription in response to your individual progress.

A consultation with a medical herbalist and the information you supply are subject to the same level of confidentiality as with your GP or any other medical professional.

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