What can Herbal Medicine treat?

There are few health conditions in which herbal medicine cannot offer some help. Many from serious to mild can be treated by the proper use of herbal medicine.

If you are unsure if herbal medicine is for you please email me info@herbalist.ie it’s likely that I will have treated such a condition before. I will try my best to give you an indication of the length of treatment.

As a general rule for chronic conditions allow 1 month of treatment for each year you have had the condition. This is dependent on compliance (see below). Many acute conditions like coughs colds, eczema, sore throat can be help quickly with herbs and as a general rule children will respond quickly to herbal treatment.

I have treated many complex and seemingly ‘unsolvable’ cases, the key lies in really digging and finding out what the real issue is to get a diagnosis, this is where a Medical herbalist comes into their own with the knowledge of Pathology and the luxury of time in a consultation to complete a thorough medical history.

It can be bugs in the gut, food intolerances, or an imbalance in the immune system sparked by a hormonal or stressful emotional event.
I will always strive to do my very best to get to the bottom of what is causing problems for you and your health.

My areas of expertise and success include but are not limited to : Chronic Lyme, Gut health, Thyroid illness – both over and underactive, Cancer support.

Specialist Testing

I offer specialist testing with laboratories in the UK and USA.

Most of these tests are not commonly available through the Irish GP or even hospital system. They include stool analysis to test for gut infection by bacteria and parasites, and also probiotic balance. There are also screenings available for full Thyroid/hormonal/adrenal profiles all of which are important in both fertility and generalised hormonal problems.

Prices will vary according to the exchange rate for a full list of tests available please email me at: info@herbalist.ie

PLEASE NOTE tests are only offered if indicated after a consultation.