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BSc (Hons.) Herbal Medicine, Westminster University, London (2006)

MSc (Hons.) Medical Genetics, Aberdeen University, Scotland (1998)

BSc (Hons.) Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, University College Dublin (1997)


(2011)Diploma, Swedish massage, ITEC qualification (distinction)

(2010)Trust in birth- The elbow room, Dublin – Yoga for pregnancy teacher training

(2007) Birthlight Yoga teacher training for pregnancy

(2000) Sivananda Yoga Teacher training Certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance



Ciara O’ Meara has been in private practice since 2006, establishing her original clinic in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Ciara is the only qualified Medical Herbalist in Tipperary currently. In her practice both nutrition and herbal medicine play a pivotal role in recovering from illness. In her 9 years helping people back to health she has found that there is an inseparable link between what we put into our bodies and what we ‘get out’. Ciara also has an interest in the herbal traditions of both India and China.

Ciara is a born scientist and researcher and uses these skills to formulate a health strategy that works on an individual level. She has a special interest in chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gut problems & thyroid issues. Ciara also has an active interest in ‘functional medicine’ which uses cutting edge tests and screenings to get to the ‘root cause’ of health problems. Most of these tests are not commonly available through the Irish GP or even hospital system yet they represent ‘where it’s at’ in terms of a personalised targeted informed approach to health.

“ I have lost count of the number of times I have had patients sit in front of me who have attended other health professionals for years with persistent bowel problems and never had any kind of stool analysis to see what’s actually going on in there. ”  ~Ciara~

In addition to practicing as a medical herbalist Ciara is also a massage therapist and will regularly combine this with herbal treatment where indicated.

Ciara regularly attends workshops and seminars to keep her knowledge and skills up to date, she has studied with the following practitioners, Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz, Dr Marilyn Glenville, Alessandro Ferretti, Matthew Wood, Patrick Holford, Chanchal Cabrera, Sean Boylan and many others.

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